About Us

LifeCare Coalition Outreach (LCCO) began as one-man-show with a drive to help people everywhere.  The founders’ effort soon grew into an organization committed to helping people realize their full potential.  LLCO was founded to promote positive parenting, healthy families and communities where children are valued and loved; promote collaborative ventures, through partnership with public and private agencies, that support and ensure the delivery of services to improve outcomes that ensures safety, well-being and self-realization.  Why? Because our best gifts are the smile on the faces of those who we gave the chance to live their best and achieve their full potential as they tell their life stories.

We capitalize on collaborative creativity as we work with our partners to unlock our inner potentials and those we seek to help.   We partner with businesses, governments, private individuals and NGOs.  Our CPC model (Cohesion-Professionalism-Cooperation) helps us to work more efficiently and faster as we find humanly possible lasting solutions to our identified problems.

Look around you and see the mounting need for improved public health, preventable diseases, poverty alleviation, the list continues!  Our job is done only when we can walk away knowing we have saved some life, improved the quality of lives of the communities we serve and see only the tears of joy and satisfaction on the faces of previously less-privileged.

Closely intertwined with our vision is the desire to improve the quality of life for everyone in the community that we serve. We will achieve this by providing responsive, efficient, and high-quality public services that promote the self-sufficiency, well-being and prosperity of individuals, families, businesses and communities. This philosophy of teamwork and collaboration is anchored in the shared values of:




A Can-Do Attitude 

Respect for Diversity


Our Vision


 Every child, youth and vulnerable adult needs a safe and permanent family that nurtures and promotes their overall well-being. At LCCO FFA, we believe that raising a child involves more than the family unit. We strive to create a community where children can thrive. We hope to surround them with good examples of successful adults and nurture them to always be and do their best.


Our Philosophy


 “It takes a village to raise a child”. LCCO is purely focused on  meeting the needs, requirements and goals of communities we serve. Our program philosophy is centered on children and youth as well as vulnerable adults. We live by our philosophy through a simple set of principles





 LifeCare Coalition Outreach programs and operations are based on a transparent business model which is aimed at keeping all stakeholders fully and duly informed of the activities of the organization. A comprehensive report as well interpersonal communication is constantly encouraged. Such interpersonal communication helps everyone know what the other person is doing such that there could be easy overlap or transition between functional duties within the organization.



Reliability And Quality Control



LCCO workforce strives to meet and exceed each organizational goals. We continually monitor our performances using proven statistical process control tools that enables us to steer our course in the right direction. We track our records and continuously make improvements and necessary changes that are geared toward reliability, consistency and cost effectiveness.