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Foster Family Agency


The LCCO Foster Family Agency is a branch of the organization’s social service programs. The LCCO Foster Family Agency program seeks to provide each child under its stewardship with high quality care in the home with the family they are matched with.  Additionally, the LCCO Foster Family Agency seeks to provide each foster child with access to the related educational and recreational supports that a child living with their biological family may also have access to.  Access to medical and mental health care services are also required for all foster children.  Case management and coordination of services for each foster child is facilitated by our agency’s dedicated social workers and administration.

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Communities and People

Community of people sitting in a park

 Every community will thrive when the people are given the opportunity to explore and exploit available resources to achieve their full potential. Our programs create inclusive socioeconomic environments by involving everyone in in the community to identify the existing strengths and opportunities essential to improving social and economic living. The communities are involved by training, empowering, transferring ownership of skills in order to achieve long-lasting success. 

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Get Involved

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 “Step over into Macedonia and help us” (Acts 16:9). We rely on your support to create lasting partnerships that will improve our living conditions, global health and wellness, increase opportunity for men and women, reduce poverty and create viable economic opportunities and growth. Please join LCCO in helping people live better and put a smile on faces. 


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Our Vision


 Every child, youth and vulnerable adult needs a safe and permanent family that nurtures and promotes their overall well-being. At LCCO FFA, we believe that raising a child involves more than the family unit. We strive to create a community where children can thrive. We hope to surround them with good examples of successful adults and nurture them to always be and do their best.  

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Our Philosophy


 “It takes a village to raise a child”. LCCO is purely focused on  meeting the needs, requirements and goals of communities we serve. Our program philosophy is centered on children and youth as well as vulnerable adults. We live by our philosophy through a simple set of principles 

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 LifeCare Coalition Outreach programs and operations are based on a transparent business model which is aimed at keeping all stakeholders fully and duly informed of the activities of the organization. A comprehensive report as well interpersonal communication is constantly encouraged. Such interpersonal communication helps everyone know what the other person is doing such that there could be easy overlap or transition between functional duties within the organization.

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Reliability And Quality Control


LCCO workforce strives to meet and exceed each organizational goals. We continually monitor our performances using proven statistical process control tools that enables us to steer our course in the right direction. We track our records and continuously make improvements and necessary changes that are geared toward reliability, consistency and cost effectiveness.

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Mission Abroad


LCCO organizes a regular planned Medical Mission to needy communities in Africa and other regions. By collaborating with doctors, surgeons, nurses, pharmacists, opticians, dentists etc, we are able to provide large group, one-shop medical attention to ordinarily difficult-to-reach people who live in the villages and other remote areas.  Checkout the "Get Involved" page for ways your can help contribute to our missions.

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