Communities and People

 LCCO caters to the educational needs of youths who showed a desire to be educated but could not afford higher education due to poverty and related privation. LCCO believes that education and employment opportunities are key to a sound and egalitarian society. Our goal is to serve as advocates for real economic development education and teaching the families on how to create meaningful employment from their immediate environment. Our goal is to educate and encourage individuals to ‘open the windows as look outside’ and see the abundant resources available to them and climb out of the pit poverty and be a part of the needed contributors to an economically and a socio-culturally vibrant community.

Every community will thrive when the people are given the opportunity to explore and exploit available resources to achieve their full potential. Our programs create inclusive socioeconomic environments by involving everyone in in the community to identify the existing strengths and opportunities essential to improving social and economic living. The communities are involved by training, empowering, transferring ownership of skills in order to achieve long-lasting success.

The connection between rural poverty and structural inequities is not accidental or incidental but structural and causal. To achieve equity in strategies to build wealth and move people out of poverty in rural areas requires an explicit focus on class and power and on “triple bottom line” economies that are specifically intended to eliminate or at least close the gap on those inequities. LCCO Community and People Program undertakes initiatives focused on reducing rural poverty, increasing wealth, family self-sufficiency, and civic participation.

Civic participation has been identified as a necessary strategy for overcoming poverty. We work with NGOs to educate governments that socioeconomic growth can not be attained without also addressing class and power as structural and historical conditions that must be mitigated, if not eventually eliminated. LCCO works with local and international donors and sponsors as well as volunteers to reach the grassroot rural areas in less-privileged communities to promote “way-to-wealth” initiatives. Therefore, our goal is to lift as many as possible, men and women alike, out of poverty as they carry along their families and entire communities.

Long-term Commitment & Continuous Improvement is the hallmark of our organization. LCCO is committed to the communities we serve. We engage in marathon-style, rather the sprinter-style relationship with our communities. LCCO empowers the communities and serves as an agent of change by connecting local institutions, businesses, community-based agencies and international organizations. By creating a cohesive and cooperative link between all stakeholders we are able to work lean and sustainable. In the long-run, the network we have will perpetually look out for well-being of the individuals and the communities we served, long after we might moved on to other assignments.


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Health Care

 LCCO was formed as a non-profit organization and is based in Texas and California. The organization was formed as an off-shoot of The Anago Foundation in May 2013. The Anango Foundation was primarily a humanitarian organization focused on bringing free medical care to individuals with low income and cannot afford regular hospital visits due to cost. All the principles and policies of The Anago Foundation are embedded in the expanded programs of LCCO.

As of 2014, the organization had carried out over 10 Medical Missions to Africa and trained more than 20 individuals in colleges and universities. LCCO currently employs the services of more than 10 individuals who work as contributors to the organizations daily activities and have engaged the services of over 70 medical doctors and nurses who have generously volunteered their time and money to the service of humankind.

The billions or dollars spent on research and development and discovery of new drugs, vaccines, and other healthecare interventions to help low-income countries will only make sense if there are available healthecare professionals to provide and administer such interventions. LCCO collaborates with manufacturers of drugs, medical equipment and medical supplies as well as medical and paramedical professionals. The aim is to eliminate the bureaucratic bottle necks of middle men in obtaining low-cost, but quality products and services. On the demand side, we work with governments and communities to ensure that the acquisition and distribution of these products and services reaches the target recipients in an effective manner.

LCCO organizes a regular planned Medical Mission to needy communities in Africa and other regions. By collaborating with doctors, surgeons, nurses, pharmacists, opticians, dentists etc, we are able to provide large group, one-shop medical attention to ordinarily difficult-to-reach people who live in the villages and other remote areas.

By virtue of our Medical Mission programs, LCCO has helped partnering governments and communities to improve on their medical and health education strategies and implementation. We have trained local health professionals to build and sustain viable healthcare systems in their communities. Our Medical Missions have been instrumental in obtaining relatively expensive medical equipment and distributed to regions where providers and consumers do not have access to such modern facilities. 

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Economic Development

 The LCCO Economic Development Program (LCCO-EDP) is a program designed to improve the quality of life for residents of rural communities by supporting innovative and catalytic economic development and rural area enhancement projects. The LCCO-EDP helps to identify initiatives that will rejuvenate high-poverty communities by encouraging private investors to engage in rural agriculture as well as helping the local farmers to obtain tools and equipment they need to scale up the agricultural output. We also create educational opportunities that will help recipients live a self-reliant life as they contribute to their immediate communities. This LCCO-EDP initiative is realized through our collaboration with governments, for-profit and non-profit agencies. The LCCO-EDP helps the local farmers and artisans to grow their businesses not only by providing tools and equipment but also in helping identify outlet where the products can be sold. The initiative advocates for the rural communities by negotiating with urban supermarkets and warehouses for distribution and storage.

LCCO believes that in order to establish a measurable economic development the individuals in every community must have adequate access to good education, employment and health. We hope, and aim, to give every reachable individuals the opportunity to work their way out of privation, diseases and improve their lot in their personal lives and their communities.

Our experience, in Africa, shows that education and good health alone are not all that is needed for proper economic development.  There is need for equal distribution of opportunities for hardworking, intelligent, able and eager individuals irrespective of their cultural, ethnic or social background. LCCO desires to work with governments, private organizations and individuals to ensure that the benefits and opportunities afforded to our partners are more evenly distributed.  The overall goal is to attain a situation where the identified recipients of become self-supporting and invaluable contributors to the communities they live in.


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