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About Our Agency

 The LCCO Foster Family Agency is a branch of the organization’s social service programs. The LCCO Foster Family Agency program seeks to provide each child under its stewardship with high quality care in the home with the family they are matched with.  Additionally, the LCCO Foster Family Agency seeks to provide each foster child with access to the related educational and recreational supports that a child living with their biological family may also have access to.  Access to medical and mental health care services are also required for all foster children.  Case management and coordination of services for each foster child is facilitated by our agency’s dedicated social workers and administration.


"Not all families can provide a safe home for their children at all times"

The Department of Social Services encourages families to create, foster and sustain safety for the child. However, not all families can provide a safe home for their children at all times. In times of crisis, the state takes a family-style approach to resolve such crisis by providing a loving and safe environment to the child. A range of out-of-home care resources starting with the least intrusive care, like, placement with extended family or family friend is employed. When such initial resources are not readily available, Foster Family Care can be an invaluable remedy to the child’s needs. Foster care is the care provided within a family situation, to children who, according to the state determination, must live away from their own biological family.  


"We are keenly looking for families willing to foster teenagers."

LCCO-FFA is a Foster Care Program intended to provide a warm and safe environment where children can get the care, supervision, support and guidance they need during the time they must live away from home. We recruit Foster Families from all socio-cultural and socio-economic backgrounds across the urban and rural areas. We are keenly looking for families willing to foster teenagers.  


“It takes a village to raise a child.”

LCCO-FFA program is formally constituted to care for children/youths in the foster care system using the best tested, approved and recommended practices. The underlying force and main objective of the agency’s treatment philosophy is to provide quality service to foster children/youths by employing the following wise adage: “It takes a village to raise a child.” The concept to care for foster children/youth under the stated golden rule of involving the community made sense to the initial group of professionals that brought LCCO-FFA into being. The idea and analogy of a “village” being involved in raising a child in a contemporary world recently came to the forefront of the American psyche; after the public use of the term by the former US First lady, diplomat and politician, Hillary Clinton. LCCO-FFA trains and certifies its foster parents with the concept of caring for children by involving them in their local community. Foster children/youth raised with the idea of “community” as an integrated value are likely to carry out and propagate the same wherever they go. They are more likely to extend a hand to their neighbors, work with others as “team players” and not become isolated individuals. The universality of this is for the foster children/youths to always have a community that would serve as a focal point.  A place they would always refer to as “home”; their village – where they truly belong.

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Please complete and submit the recruitment form here or print and return form via fax to (209)336-6409 or email at or by mail to LCCO 121 East Orangeburg Avenue,  (Suite 14) Modesto CA, 95350. 

Become a Foster Parent